Hey, kids! I'm PASquela, the
NJ Beach Bird!

Allow me to introduce myself... they call me PASquela, and I am officially the Beach Bird of the New Jersey Clean Communities Council.

Let me tell you about myself.

An artist named Willy Cole created me out of recycled plastic bottles.

You've got to come visit! I'm on display at Boardwalk Hall. Just go to the front desk and ask to see me. I should be here through the New Jersey League of Municipalities conference in November.

I was unveiled on May 24 during the annual New Jersey Clean Communities Council conference. It was pretty amazing being introduced in front of a crowd of more than 3,500 kids from across New Jersey! Heck, even the mayor of Atlantic City showed up! Boy, I've hit the big time!

So, what’s with my name? Well, there was a big statewide contest this spring, in which kids from all over New Jersey made some great suggestions about what my name should be. One little girl at Pennsylvania Avenue School in Atlantic City had the perfect suggestion:

"How about name me PASquela?"  Get it? Pennsylvania Avenue School…PAS.  I love my name and I love the many children from around the state who came up with so many cool ideas. Thanks, guys!

New Jersey is a better place for everyone - human or not - when we work together to keep it clean. That's why you and I need to become good friends. We need to get people talking about what it's going to take to make New Jersey litter-free. I hope we can write a lot of emails back and forth over the next few months. And I hope that you'll come meet me, so we can take pictures together!

So, keep visiting me on the website and I'll be keeping an eye out for what you're doing in your town to help keep it litter-free!

Your buddy, PASquela the NJ Beach Bird